BKI said long Covid may have an ongoing cost impact on the Thai insurance industry as it could increase the value of claims.

Comment: With less competition there comes higher prices

BGRIM CODed 140mw BGRIM Laem Chabang 1 (BPLC1R) pp, 30mw power sells to authority (EGAT) under 25yrs PPA, remained capacity & steam sell to industrial clients in Laem Chabang IE.

Comment: Far more important is the increases in ft that will feed through to their bottom line.

JMART adds mobile shops on BTS stations, kick-off at Ploenchit, Victory Monument & St Louis, target 12 branches open along BTS line by end of year.

Comment: This will make the BTS Group rather happy, lots of empty retail spaces.

NEX’s 800 E-buses on schedule to deliver in 3Q, will launch E- truck in 4Q, expects to erase retained losses this year.

Comment: There’s still yet to be any announcement or known investigation by the SEC into the EA group co’s which includes NEX

SAMTEL’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Potalnet, wins SAP upgrade projects for Metropolitan Waterwork Authority (MWA) total Bt262.28m, expects to get additional contract from corporate on digital transformation & Government projects under e-service scheme.

STA finished capacity expansion of 2 block-rubber plants in Bueng Kan & Trang, up annual capacity to 3.1m tons p.a., additional upgrade in 2 concentrated-latex plants in Narathiwat & Surat Thani to cod in August & December, expects to expand global market share next year to 12% from current 10%.

Comment: Just have a look at the stock chart, story is long gone for STA.

STANLY mulls hike px on vehicle lamp & lighting equipment in 2H, sees GPM remained strong from OEM lamps for newly launched models in 2H, after market LED & DRL, tailwind from aftermarket parts sales to refurbish used vehicles, firms on 10-15% revenue growth target.

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