BAFS branches out from jets refueling to power business on risk diversification plan, expects to wrap up M&A 20mw powerplants in 2H.

BAM said to miss revenue target by 15% this year due to outbreak, mullsBt25b bond for expansion.

GUNKUL upbeats outlook from 638mw PPA on hand (cod-ed 437mw), expects to win additional EPC contract from Bt600b current bidding, to expand 500mw in Vietnam & Myanmar.

Comment: Their ability to somehow keep winning PPA’s is impressive.

NOBLE eyes taking over LPN which has almost Bt11b in retained earnings, hoping to capitalize on its condo business and Rabbit Card business in future, Tabloid.

Comment: I think the story is different, however lets see if they do the same game that they did with NOBLE

PF: major shareholder, Komol Jegnrungreongkit, raised holding by 0.2307% to 5.0922% of total outstanding on Monday (May 25), SEC filing

Comment: Could this finally be the moment when PF has to recap? Been thinking about it for years….

PTG cuts capex by half to Bt2.5b, firms on 10-12% EBITDA growth and 10-12% fuel sale growth.

Comment: Perhaps one of the few businesses that may show positive growth this year

PTT board cuts this year capex by Bt15b from Bt69.3b to Bt53.9b.

SINGER reports Bt800m CD 3years at 5.9% interest p.a., payable every 3 month, sold out.

Comment: Looks like the price of financing has finally increased domestically.

THAI’s admitted that debt rehab has kept it from refunding customers for unused tickets.

Comment: Creditors have the right to sue the board, don’t they? Ah but going into rehab/bankruptcy immediately saves the board from being sued…

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