BAFS raised its revenue target growth to 6% as demand for jet fuel should increase by 5% this year. This is supported by the ICAO’s decision to remove Thailand’s red flag status. Management expects 2Q18 earnings to remain strong and the pipeline project will continue to increase the proportion of oil transmission revenue to 30-35% by 2020. (Thun Hoon, 1/6/18)
BGRIM’s CEO is confident on the prospects of two new SPPs (240MW) in Ratchaburi after the share price was hit by negative news and market sentiment. The plants can be relocated but the company is studying on which location is more economically feasible. (Thun Hoon, 1/6/18)
Comment: And he’s backed this up by buying 2 mn shares in the market
BTS sold a big lot of shares of VGI for Bt3.57bn to institutional investors to prepare for the conversion of VGI-W1. The average selling price is Bt7.6/share which is lower than the board price. The stock closed at Bt7.75, down 7.74%. (Post Today, 1/6/18)
Comment: Can you see the game yet?
BMTA’s board has acknowledged that CHO has delivered 100 buses with e-Ticket machines and cash boxes installed. All buses are inspected and ready for service. The BMTA will propose to the Comptroller General’s Department to revise the contract for new buses, which could save 70% of the investment cost of the project. (Kao Hoon, 1/6/18)
IRPC expects its 2018 GRM to remain stable at US$14-15/bbl, backed by a strong performance after implementing the Everest project, which enable it to maintain a high crude run of 213.6kbd. (Thun Hoon, 1/6/18)
JKN expects its 2Q18 earnings to be strong backed by new series from India and the Philippines. The company believes these programs will be of interest for several TV operators. (Kao Hoon, 1/6/18)
Comment: The share price has fallen a fair bit, still above IPO levels but lower.
The new chairman of KTB will start his duty in mid-June and will emphasize the modernization of the bank and NPL reduction to<4% by more loan restructuring, especially for large corporates. (Kao Hoon, 1/6/18)
LPH expects high season in 2H18 to boost earnings and is budgeting Bt300mn to acquire shares in other private hospitals to expand its long-term business base. The company is currently negotiating with some targets and expects a transaction to be completed in 2Q18. (Thun Hoon, 1/6/18)
Comment: And it still has the share buyback in place.
M has set up a joint venture with Zenco – a leader in logistics business in Japan – to establish MZenko. The company expects to be a top operator as a fully-integrated logistics service provider within three years with revenue of >Bt1.8bn per annum. (Kao Hoon, 1/6/18)
Comment: Well that’s quite a shift in business model. 
MBK will spend Bt932mn to acquire 11.38% more in Siam Piwat, a shopping center operator. This will increase its ownership to 42.47%. The company expects 2Q18 profit to be favorable after booking gain from the sale of DTC shares to CPN. (Thun Hoon, 1/6/18)
Comment: This explains the share sale by MBK in DTC in May 2018. 
PORT will spend Bt300mn to finance an expansion project offering maintenance service and warehousing after the first phase has been fully utilized. The company plans to open the second phase by end-2018. (Kao Hoon, 1/6/18)
RPH expects 2Q18 profit to grow 5% YoY. The company will take another look at its 2018 revenue target from the current expectation of 10% growth after assessing the impact from the hospital relocation in July and seeing higher traffic. (Kao Hoon, 1/6/18)
RS management reaffirms that there is no plan to sell RS shares but will find opportunities to accumulate more. Since the beginning of the year, management has spent more than Bt700mn to buy its shares on the market. The company expects 2Q18 to improve from higher sales of health and beauty segments. (Thun Hoon, 1/6/18)
Comment: It is quite incredible that they are still buying shares. I still just don’t see the big picture for them yet.
SIRI is joining with JustCo, a leader in co-working space business, to launch its first branch at AIA Sathorn Tower. It is the biggest co-working space in Thailand. It will expand business to ASEAN. It targets to launch 100 branches in Asia by 2021. (Kao Hoon, 1/6/18)
SPALI will raise this year’s revenue and presales targets after 2Q18 announcement as it will launch an additional 23 projects in 2H18. It has backlog of Bt41bn, of which Bt12.2bn will be booked as revenue this year. It will spend Bt9bn for land acquisition and construction. (Thun Hoon, 1/6/18)
SPPT targets revenue of Bt500mn this year. The company is working on new acquisitions and a joint venture in the IT business. This could add 3-4 more deals with two to be concluded this year. The company expects its earnings to turn around in 2018 on two new subsidiaries. (Thun Hoon, 1/6/18)
STANLY expects revenue to improve further in FY2019 with a target of 5% growth. The company plans to invest Bt2bn to build a new factory for Lamp 7.5 and mold factory to build capacity. The company reaffirms that there should be no impact from US import duty hike for automobiles. (Thun Hoon, 1/6/18)
TVT is confident its 2018 revenue will reach Bt500mn after the launch of a new program “Bigheads” which should be popular with viewers. The program will be on air from June 3 on Channel ONE 31. (Thun Hoon, 1/6/18)
    • Have a proper look at the movements of the group’s companies, bts, maco, vgi.

      Have a look at their warrants to be exercised.

  1. I think we are seeing a Forth Smart part 2 play out with Beauty, amazing growth being valued at an insanely high multiple now come crashing back to Earth when signs of growth slowing starts to emerge..

  2. CHO ! anyone know which buses they talk about ? the 100 of 489 new , or the 100 of the 2600 old buses already running in BKK to be converted to e box . save 70% of what costs

    What is going on with the NGV , all so ambiguous …….no sense coming from CHO boss or BMTA

    • Figuring out government entity moves are harder than solving a Rubik’s cube.

      The intent is of course the easiest to figure out.

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