BAM in talk several fin institution to joint establish distressed assets management co, sees upside from management fees, rev sharing.

Comment: I have a random thoughts on this – but basically the banks HAVE SO MANY NPLS that several would effectively be at risk of bankruptcy and need to recap massive amounts of equity. This saves them and turns Thailand into Japan – the saving element may be the BoT allowing new financial institutions to enter into Thailand.

BDMS expected to be major beneficiary from TH-Saudi restored diplomatic relations, Saudi Arabian Airlines to open direct flight BKK-Riyadh in May likely boost patients traffic, Tabloid.

Comment: Inshallah!

CIVIL firms on >20% revenue growth this year, on >Bt5-6b new contracts, including Bt1.9b Ekachai-BanPraew (1 section) next week.

HUMAN target 20% FY22 revenue growth from HR solutions, biz outsourcing & resource mgt software subscriptions, will recognize revenue from Indonesia unit, DataOn, from 2Q, teams up SECURE to expand cyber security, sees upside from Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

JMT to wrap up deal to setup AMC with KBANK within 1Q22, with rev recognition in 2H22.

Comment: Well..even though the news has said this, it is yet to be officially announced/confirmed, expect a 1 Q delay.

KBANK: revealed FY22 financial target, loan growth within 6-8%, NPLs within 3.7-4% range vs 3.76% FY21, flat growth on net fee income.

Comment: Real NPLs are double digits, just go through the accounts.

PERM board approved spin-off metal sheet & galvanized coating steel producer, Suntech Steel Work (SUNTEC), offering IPO 170m shares account for 29.82% of paid up (119m to public & 51m pre-emptive right for existing holders), will submit filing within 2Q.

SPRC said oil leak is undercontrol, estimated only 140-375 barrel, covered by $1b insurance and $100m 3rd party insurance, no impact on refineries.

TIPH: board approved acquisition of 75% stake in Amity Insurance Broker & 75% stake in risk survey co, DP Survey total Bt170.85m, aiming for forward/backward integration from insurance supported biz, shared services to increase competitive advantage.

WICE firms on Bt9b record high revenue this year, +20% yoy, on higher demand for logistics, sets Bt200m capex for M&A and JV, to become leading player in Asia.

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