BANPU to wrap up $500m plan to expand gas investment in the US in 2H19, target doubling capacity by 2021.

DTAC may report Bt1.25b 2Q NP, +597% yoy on lower depreciation on concession expiry and lower regulatory costs, Tabloid.

Comment: It’s already well explained to the market that they DTAC is going to benefit as per the reasons mentioned. I do wonder if the industry is going to temporarily stop its price warring. And perhaps thats the reason behind ADVANC’s share price increase…

FSMART’s expected to get lending license in 3Q, with new biz to boost revenue up by 10% this year.

Comment: Things haven’t panned out as some have thought re FSMART,

PSH reports strong sales in projects around EEC, despite new LTV measures, plans another 2 projects in Rayong.

Comment: Then the question is, what about everything else?

PTTEP raised this year sales target to 345K bbl/day, +8.5%, on latest M&A and raised 5-year capex to Bt685b from Bt525b.

S sets Bt23b capex annually, including M&A, mulls setting up REITs, target 100% growth in hotel business in 5 years.

WICE sets up logistic office in Southern China, in talks for M&A and JV, firms on 25% revenue growth target this year.

Comment: More M&A’s coming for WICE? Perhaps its one of the few companies on the SET/MAI that are utilising acquisitions well

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