1. Cabinet line-up sent to King : Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said he has submitted the new cabinet lineup for royal approval and is expected to be sworn in soon. “You will see that the royal endorsement will come soon,” he said, when asked whether the list has been submitted. Bangkok Post
  2. India pushed to finish talks : Acting Commerce Minister Chutima Bunyapraphasara is on a three-day visit to India to convince it to finish all negotiations relating to the Regional Comprehension Economic Partnership (RCEP) by the end of the year. Bangkok Post
  3. Vietnam’s EU deals imperil Thai trade : Thai exports of cars, computers and electric circuits are at risk from Vietnam’s trade and investment deals with the EU, says the Trade Policy and Strategy Office. Bangkok Post
  4. Private hospitals’ price deadline pushed back : The Commerce Ministry will extend the submission deadline for 353 private hospitals to provide information about the actual costs of drugs, medical supplies and medical services to July 31, saying the decision is in line with a cabinet resolution on Tuesday. Bangkok Post
  5. Nielsen identifies second-tier cities as new growth driver : Second-tier provinces are emerging as drivers of Thailand’s 800-billion-baht market for fast-moving consumer goods because of growing urbanisation and the government’s emphasis on infrastructure investment and tourism promotion. Bangkok Post
  6. PM issues final S44 order : Halts media bans, military court trials . The last order under the sweeping powers of Section 44 has been issued by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, lifting media bans and transferring all cases involving offences against his orders to civilian courts. Bangkok Post
  7. FTI: Trade war pummels electronics : The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) says the US-China trade war is hurting exports of electronics and components after overall shipments of these products fell by 11.3% year-on-year to 347 billion baht during the January-April period. Bangkok Post
  8. EIC says Q4 state spending geared towards 3% growth : The new government is estimated to spend 20 billion baht on a fresh round of economic stimulus in the final quarter of the year to raise full-year GDP growth above 3%, says the Economic Intelligence Center (EIC)
  9. Red flag raised on household debt spiral : Worries over threat to financial structure . Two key committees under the Bank of Thailand have voiced concerns that threats to financial stability are still on the rise as household debt accumulation accelerates. Bangkok Pos
  10. TBMA seeks withholding tax review : The Thai Bond Market Association (TBMA) will meet with newly appointed Finance Minister Uttama Savanayana to request a review of the 15% withholding tax placed on fixed-income funds set to take effect on Aug 20.
  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @3: Vietnam’s EU deals imperil Thai trade : well, nobody had forbidden thailand to do a deal with the EU before vietnam did it. too slow and complacent as usual. and now the sobbing starts… as usual.

    it looks like vietnam is poised to overtake thailand economically in the not so long future…

      • peter satrapa-binder

        I agree. Well, nobody ever had forbidden thailand to have that either…

        So, these problems and others are mostly self-inflicted.

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