BBGI is expected to benefit from higher ethanol & biodiesel sales volume & utilization rate driven by BCP’s larger stations network post ESSO deal.

Comment: And wonderfully squeezing KSL Group.

BCP expects its buyout of ESSO for Bt55.5b to pave the way for higher revenue, gaining a larger market share in the oil retail business and lower costs, though the new asset acquisition will increase its debt.

Comment: Great for BCP’s share price (as evidenced over the past 48 hours)

OTO sets up a subsidiary for EV related business, import, produce and assemble E-Bike and E-parts, as part of its S-curve growth strategy.

Comment: So, a call center company is expanding into EV related businesses, I presume all the customers that can’t find garages and service centers will need to call to complain someone…

STPI sets Bt1.5b capex for 600MW Monsoon wind PP in Laos, commercial COD in 2025, boosting profit by Bt100m p.a.

Comment: Not the best ROI…

TRUE & DTAC to hold joint shareholder meeting February 23 aim to wrap up merger, where CP Group and Telenor are to hold ~30% each in new co, True Corp. Both will be suspended for 9day (Feb 20 – Mar 2), prior to listing of new co on March 3. Swap ratio at 1 TRUE for 0.60018 and 1 DTAC for 6.13444 new co.

Comment: In a perfect world, telenor runs this company and it becomes the beast that it should be, but no, True management remains and….they’ll further ruin the balance sheet.

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