3BBIF said BBL has accepted for consideration adjusting interest rate and extending payment terms, while ADVANC is confident downtrend in interest rate is helping the case.

Comment: I have read, from people far smarter than I am, that the US Fed will cut rates in July & Sept – purely for optics…and if that’s the case…market go up.

PTG to push Maxbit to become #2 in digital asset trades, targeting 350K members by end of year, with 9-10% market shares.

Comment: Really? Hmmm another funny pump name? But they do have….the millions of members from their PT Max Cards…why not…

SCGP may report 29% 1Q profit growth, boosted by packaging and pulp demand growth in TH, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines, Tabloid.

Comment: Pulp prices are still rather elevated…but there’s a lot of supply coming online from Brazil and Indonesia this year…it’s an industry I do not know well.

SNNP reaffirms 10% revenue growth target this year, sees strong drink and snack sales during Songkran , while new Jele, fiber and Kombucha Tea, to support sale growth.

Comment: That’s a very low target…

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