CCP sets 3 year CAGR at 10%, on core business and cost control, with Bt1.6b backlog to gradually realize, eyes Bt2.5b worth of new project, targeting 50% success rate, and firms on Bt3.3b revenue target this year.

Comment: A smaller construction material provider…nothing too attractive here on paper…

CENTEL sees hotel business growth at 20% on Songkran momentum, boosting avg room rate, sees higher competition in food/restaurant.

Comment: Hotel cookieeee munsterrrr. Room rates are far higher than pre C19, the smaller hotels are still not back up and running…market share has gone to the strongest.

EA in collaboration with BAFS setting up Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) to promote aviation industry toward net zero by 2030.

Comment: What? Perhaps this is just an MOU or part of an association, but I don’t see any business announcement from BAFS from this and I hope that they do not get involved with EA.

MGC reports 586 EV bookings at BKK Motor show, XPENG and ZEEKR.

SCB’s set LLR for ITD at appropriate level, yet doesn’t classified ITD as NPL. Media reports BBL, KTB, KBANK and SCB have Bt24b exposure to ITD. BBL’s Bt8b, only ½ is secured, KTB’s Bt4b, with 50/50 split, KBANK’s Bt6b, with 50% secured, while SCB’s Bt6b, with only Bt1b unsecured.

Comment: “We all fooked”

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