BCH’s confident covid tests could reach 500K in 2Q, after 300K tested in April-May, vs 390K in 1Q, while the country’s doubling of Moderna quota to 10m doses should also help boost 3Q earnings.

Comment: And they are increasing the fee’s for the COVID patients.

CCET to temporary halt operations at Petchaburi plant from May 20-June 3, as large number of staffs were infected, while Mahachai plant is BAU.

Comment: Several companies have this issue and are not reporting it. Ie shifts are decreasing from 3 shifts to 1-2 shifts or completely shut down.

GPSC with CHPP launch commercial floating solar panels buoy, 1st in Thailand, to prepare for new normal clean energy age.

JMT keeps Bt6-10b target to acquire bad debts for management this year, after securing Bt2b in 1Q, have capital capability to acquire Citi’s NPLs port.

Comment: They are just going to print money this year, next year, etc etc. There’s so much bad debt in the system, our rough estimates are that new supply are 2-3x buyers capacity.

KTC’s shareholders sold 110m share in placement at Bt74.75, a 9.9% discount to Tues’ closing of Bt83. The placement represents ~4.3% of paid-up, MS is sole bookrunner.

Comment: Sounds like the end of an era for KTC. It’s been on an amazing run over the past decade.

NER sees rubber price continues to rise on rising global demand, to sign contract with Indian client in 3Q.

OR and CPALL extend 7-11 contract at gas stations by another 10 years, win-win for both, as 15% of CPALL’s 7-11 are at the gas stations, while OR also relies on 7-11 to draw in customers.

Comment: No…OR benefits far more the local retailers setting up stalls at their stations, you can see a difference in foot traffic in the stations that have fewer local retailers.  (the ladies selling food/snacks etc)

RML sees turnaround this year on Bt5.8b backlog, with new project planned for 4Q, to cater for new gens and foreigners.

RS expects to wrap up 1-2 M&A deals in 2H, Bt300-600m each, while launching 13 new e-commerce products, expects Bt100m profit contribution from CHASE this year, keeps Bt5.7b revenue target this year.

Comment: They’ll keep moving and shifting businesses/industries whenever one trend is finished.

THAI’s started selling direct flights from four cities in Europe to Phuket as the province counts down to its planned quarantine-free reopening in July, with hundreds of tour agents invited to take experimental trips during the 3rd to test the scheme.

Comment: To those that say Thailand’s tourism will take years to recover, you have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s going to roar back.

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @ thai tourism roaring back:

    – IF there is no quarantine for vaccinated tourists and they are allowed to move freely in thailand

    – IF entertainment and touristic venues are all open again without restrictions (or at least with less restrictions than the ones in europe, the usa, etc., most of which countries are in the process of opening up already)

    – IF most of the the thai population has been vaccinated and the risk of a vaccinated person of acquiring covid or giving it to others while not being symptomatic him-/herself has been minimized

    then maybe…

    until now goings on here do not look too promising yet.

    • That’s today.
      Not tomorrow.
      Things change faster than people will realise. It’s already been 13 months of no traveling.
      My main q mark is over the infrastructure that has been economically destroyed due to the lack of travel.

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