BCH: mulls petition for additional 10k SSO patients quota, roll out One Day Surgery (ODS) service to boost traffic and margins, will cod 2 new hospitals January 1,21 (Vientiane in Laos and Prachinburi), sees less capex next year, eyes 10-15% revenue growth target.

DELTA, BAM and COM7 are expected to be added to SET50 for 1H21 upcoming reshuffle announcement mid-December, Tabloid.

CENTEL sees QSR revenue back to 80% of pre-Covid level, ramp up hotel promo to capitalize opportunity from domestic travel stimulus and boost OCC upcoming holiday season.

Comment: And their market share of QSR is probably up 20-30%, as would be the case for the majority of large QSR co’s

CPF may book Bt2.4b extra item if can wrap up swine business acquisition by 4Q, firms on solid 4Q on higher meat price.

Comment: Financial shenanigans’, core business is driven by commodity prices, and vietnam pork prices have already peaked and are -30% from their highs. Continued downward trend expected.

EA sees yoy growth next year from Bt15b revenue expected this year, boosted by PCM revenue contribution from 4Q20, while construction of 1st phase battery plant is 90% completed.

Comment: Part of me is wondering when we’ll see something positive from this?

HANA plans to up production capacity by 20% in 1Q21 to fill demand for smart phone parts as handset replacement accelerated on 5G adoption.

IMPACT expects meaningful turnaround 4Q improved event management operation supporting by concerts, sales events, motor show, conference, wedding, catering on high season.

Comment: But their event bookings for the next 6 months will be purely based upon domestic demand.

JKN mulls tapping in healthcare business, to branch out from TV contents sales, direct home shopping, health supplements to balance rev mix and utilize existing resources.

Comment: With RS and now JKN shifting to this type of business model, does it prove the growth limitations within Thailand’s TV industry.

LEO expects big jump 4Q from strong freight forwarding rev as cargo traffic grows on e-commerce during holiday season, sees positive freight rate momentum thru 1Q21 support by CNY.

NCAP reaffirms solid 4Q from strong repossessed vehicles sales, lower SG&A post restructuring during lockdown, expects motorbike hire purchase market back to pre-Covid level 1.6-1.7m units next year, mulls tap in title loans to capitalize on existing clients.

Comment: A new IPO which went BOOM.

SAMTEL signs commuter equipment & and branch network rental with Government Saving Bank total Bt257.54m.

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