ACG expects big jump 4Q from recovery sales from new launch Honda City hatchback & City hybrid, upbeats outlook on small & mid-size auto market as consumers prudent on spending.

Comment: Love Honda’s but the overall industry trend isn’t that positive yet.

AOT sees 47.91m passengers next year, rising to 110.88 in 2022, before getting back to normal in 2023.

Comment: On a PEG basis its worth infinity!!!

AWC appointed A49 architecture design firm to develop new construction & renovation of 9 hotels projects in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua-Hin & Pattaya.

CRC submits tender offer for 100% of COL @ Bt19 from Nov 27 until February 4, 2021, before delisting.

GFPT, TFG & CPF are expected to benefit from tight chicken supply aft 1.8m chickens culled since early November following bird flu outbreak in Kagawa, JPN.

Comment: Always thought GPFT is the best pure play on chicken in Thailand, both TFG and CPF have pork in their revenue streams.

LH sells apartment in California for $80.05m on November 24, will book profit of $13.8m (Bt415.5) in 4Q, SEC filing.

SABINA sets 20% revenue growth target next year, to boost online sales.

Comment: The question will be at the expense of how much gross margin?

SFT’s new packaging labels machines to cod 2Q21, enabling co to produce innovative plastic pack to serve hi-end clients, expects capacity utilization back to 100% aft drops to 70% this year from Covid, will tap into JPN market as consumers place high importance on quality packaging while firms are very engaged in the presentation of products.

SPCG, a pioneer of solar farm development in Thailand, has announced a Bt23b investment in a new solar farm projects in the EEC to establish a carbon-free industrial zone.

Comment: They are going to have to leverage up their balance sheet in order to finance this. But liabilities/equity only at 0.5x they definitely have the ability to do so.

TPIPL to resale 383.61m treasury shares (2% of paid-up) on SET from December 11 till June 10.

Comment: That’s a lot of shares hitting the market.

XO said solid momentum in 4Q would see it achieving a 25-30% revenue growth this year from earlier forecast at 20%.

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