BCH will book Bt3b revenue from Moderna alternative jab this year, target Covid-related services revenue +104% yoy as caseloads jump, upside from higher SSO patients quota yoy, allots Bt920m capex to revamp hospitals, expand labs.

Comment. Would love to know the profits from this one….

GUNKUL-JMART-SINGER form venture, JGS, to offer solar turnkey solutions from financing, procurement & installation, target Bt100m sales growth this year.

Comment. J has the network G has the product and services and S provides the financing.

IVL maintained 25% sales volume growth target >16m tons, only 0.5% of total PET sales came from Russia, will start to realize earnings from Oxiteno from 2Q onward.

KTC reports 2M22 card spending, +10% yoy, target FY new card subscribers +/-250k, launches KTC JCB Ultimate to capture upscale clients.

HL’s adding 10 pharmacies this year (Pharmax/Vitaminclub/Super Drug) from 4-5 previously planned, sees healthy demand for med supplies, equipment, supplement & healthcare products, firms on 10% revenue growth target.

Comment: A real boots competitor in the city?

LALIN reaffirms solid 1Q from strong demand for townhome & SDH price range Bt2-10m, maintained launch plan 10-12 projects total Bt8b target new gen ages btw 25-32 & 30-39 years, expects wider margins from lower SG&A yoy and virtual tour.

PRAPAT mulls established production plant & service rep in VN, aims to expand sales of detergent, fabric conditioning, disinfection & sanitizing products.

PTG upbeats 1Q earnings from higher marketing margin qoq, target fuel sales volume growth +8-10% yoy, EBITDA growth target 15-20% yoy, expects +SSSG carry thru 2Q as demand for travel grows during Songkran season.

Comment: If oil suddenly drops to 50-60 then this is a screaming buy just on the margin improvements alone in the retail margin.

STEC, CK, ITD, UNIQ, and NWR won bids to build parts of an underground rail line in metro BKK worth Bt82.1b, construction starts this year and be completed by 2027.

Comment: Is the play the to go down the industry chain and find the players that will win supplying the materials/services to the big boys? Tried with SCP in the past…didn’t work out.

TU sets Bt6b capex, excluding 2-3 small start-ups, has plenty of room to spend, as DE ratio remained low at 0.99X, while retained earnings stood at Bt38b, mulls new health product, by mixing fish oil with hemp.

UNIQ signed Bt14.982b contract to develop 3.97km MRT Memorial bridge-Dao Kanong tunnel projects & 2 stations (Wongvien Yao & Sam rae).

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