CII VN BoD registered to sell 9mn treasury shares via order matching and/or block trade methods from Mar 22 to Apr 20. FYI, co. currently holds 40.8mn treasury shares.

Comment: Pump and dump. A shame, had a great business model…

DBC VN BoD approved to issue max 115.24mn DBC bonus shares at the ratio 1:1, expected in 2022 after getting SSC’s approval.

POW VN: Weak earnings; Samsung C&T and LILAMA win Nhon Trach 3 & 4 EPC contract
POW announced 2M 2022 sales volume of two billion kWh. This weak result is partly due to minor technical issues of a boiler at the Vung Ang plant from February 11-16; in addition, the plant’s generator 1 remained nonoperational due to a technical issue that occurred in September 2021.

Comment: No, not Prisoners of War, this is a utility co…nothing special going on..but at one point may become a decent yield play.

QNS VN According to the documents prepared for the upcoming 2022 AGM, QNS targets its 2022 total revenue and PAT of VND8trl (+6% YoY) and VND1.01trl (-20% YoY), respectively. Besides, co plans to pay 2022 dividend at the rate of more than 15%. No further information has been provided yet.

Comment: A sugar play. As a side note, Vietnam has had to tell Thailand to stop dumping sugar there.

STK VN’s 2022 AGM documents: Company’s guidance signals strong business momentum, raising capital for capacity expansion 2022 business guidance: STK’s revenue and NPAT targets imply YoY growth of 28% and 8%

Comment: Don’t you just love VN names? There’s your forecasts investors/analysts go buy.

VCS VN BoD set its 2022 target in consolidated revenue and PBT of VND8.37trl (+18.34% YoY) and VND2.41trl (+15.06% YoY), respectively.

Comment: Great growth over the past few years, the declining margin is a bit worrisome.

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