BCH up hospitel capacity to accommodate rising virus cases after long holidays.

Comment: Lots of unregistered “positive” cases throughout my network at the moment. Obviously not shown in the figures, and by now you’ll know my viewpoint is that I just don’t care about this. I hope that most people don’t care either.

KBANK in collab with BRI and GUNKUL to promote green housing innovations, offering loan rate at 2.83% p.a. for 3 years to 18 projects that promote green housing and energy conservation.

Comment: It’s GUNKUL again

OR mulls collecting EV charging fee from August, signed partnership with Toyota Tsusho & EVLOMO to jointly develop battery & expand stop-go battery swap stations for E-bike. Sets Bt200b 10 year capex, target 50% EBITDA growth in 2030.

Comment: I like the idea of e-bikes over ev cars for now, interesting to see the EVLOMO ditched ROJNA and is now with PTT.

SAPPE signed MOU with GUNKUL to purchase hemp products, mulls expansion both domestic and overseas.

Comment: And GUNKUL again

SCB: brokerage unit, SCBS, to cod digital assets brokerage operation by eo-3Q, target 1m account open by end of year.

Comment: Lots of rumours floating around at the moment, local news says that its Arthid which pushed for the acquisition of bitkub…whereas several board members are against it, and if you’ve followed my thoughts on scb/arthid, I am surprised he’s still allowed to remain as the head of SCB, he should be in jail by now and is single handedly responsible for all the value destruction of SCB with every f**king ridiculous deal they financed since 2013. But hey the stock is cheap!

WICE sees high seasonal 2H to help boost revenue this year to meet Bt9b target, to submit filing to list ETL by eo-3Q.

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