BGRIM performed foundation stone laying for its Bgrim Power Angthong 2 and 3, 280MW combined worth Bt12b, CODed late next year and Bt5-6b revenue per year.

Comment: Screwed on margins for the rest of this year until the government can start charging the nation higher costs for electricity.

KBANK’s announced a Bt100b strategic program aimed at boosting access to banking services among Thailand’s unbanked and underbanked population, very small biz, and the self-employed.

Comment: And so there is no more growth left in Thailand and they are trying to access the smallest (though % wise profitable) part of the country

OR in collab with GWM to develop EV platform to accommodate GWM’s EV at its EV Station PluZ, target 450 by end of year and 7,000 by 2030.

Comment: It’s scary how fast GWM is going to expand in Thailand

SCB said report of SCBAM sale is unfounded.

Comment: Well, what this means is that they are looking at it as an option and should it go through then it would boost their profits by 1-2x

SISB sees solid growth 2Q on higher enrollments and windfall from ban on English international school in China, mulls 5% hike in fees.

Comment: Poor parents.

WHA to sign 600-700 rai land sales in 3Q, boosting FY22 to >1,000 rais, with 400-500 rai backlog to realize this year.

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