BCH: reaffirms Bt 13b FY revenue target, sees revenue growth from international patients 50% yoy from robust traffic, expects FY fly-in patients tops 120k.

Comment: Every hospital group that had foreign patients prewuflu will show the same revenue growth from international patients.

PCC: wins substation project from Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) valued at Bt 85.04m.

SEAFCO: revised up FY revenue target to Bt 1.8b from Bt 1.5b prior, Bt 800m out of Bt 1.1b backlog to realize this year, expects to secure at least 30% of current bidding Bt 9.5b of foundation work project before end of year.

Comment: They are still the kingpins of the foundation works in Bangkok. It’s just a question of where the company is in the cycle.

THCOM: NBTC is expected to open auction of 2 satellite orbital slots (50.5E & 142E) before end of year in order to maintain allocation quotas from Int’l Telco Union (ITU).

Comment: It is good to see some movement on this part, now the question is when will the cashflow start coming in as the investment phase is 1-2 years.

TOP: oil spill incident at Sriracha refinery under ctrl, leaked amount lower than prior forecast at 60k ltr vs 100k estimate, clean-up is underway, Bt 62b insurance coverage can cope with claims.

Comment: Smaller than the market initially feared.

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