IRPC’s unveiled an innovative nano-zinc oxide product, a nutrient supplement for plants, under Renifoxx brand.

OR to expand healthcare biz in 1Q24, mulls Japanese style budget hotel at OR’s service stations, starting Bt1,000/night, sees no impact from diesel price cap due to its well diversified into non-oil.

TKN revised up FY revenue growth target to 20% from 15%, driven by overseas market penetration into snack markets, wider margin from price hike, new seaweed flavors (salmon teriyaki & Chicken Khaosoi) and non-seaweed product (Just Drink).

Comment: Now the only q outstanding in the short term for TKN is the potential loss of BOI tax priveleges on existing facilities

TOP sees no impact on refinery operation following oil spill incident at SBM-2 in Sriracha, insurance coverage property damage, biz disruption, marine cargo, pollution legal liability & 3rd party liability.

Comment: Local inst’s dumped yesterday…trading opp? Perhaps if the saudi head choppers aren’t going to squeeze GRM’s

TQM reaffirms 5-10% FY revenue growth target driven by positive sales momentum of motor, health, property insurances, wider margin from EV insurance, expects demand accelerated thru end of year as demand for tax saving grows.

SCB gives away 6 month premium package of spam blocking application, Whoscall, for SCB EASY users total 1m codes via SCB EASY application from now till Jan 3,24.

Comment: It’s getting to the point where I have some 100 blocked #s. Perhaps this is what is driving ADVANC’s and TRUE’s ARPU.

SINGER ramps up gadgets and IT products to boost sales thru JMART Mobile, mulls refurbish repossessed fuel vending machine, top-up, water, ready-meal; vending cafe to open small gas stations (Pump Tarm Jai) in remote area to tap grassroots people who may fill tanks with only small amount of petrol or living far from petrol stations, target 5k stations from current 60 by end of year.

Comment: People wrote them off and now they’ll just come back strongly.

WHA signed agreement to sell 20 acres land to Chinese PVC producer, Besttrend New Material (TH) to develop factory in WHA industrial estates Rayong.

Comment: See how WHA is mopping up all the demand away from AMATA.

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