Bangchak earmarks B7bn for refinery rejig – BCP plans to spend Bt7bn to improve its oil refinery in its bid to gain a higher refinery margin. Executive vice-president Phichet Emwattana said the spending would start next year and run until 2018. (Bangkok Post, 31/10/14)

CPF maintains revenue growth of 10% YoY to reach Bt450bn and expects revenue growth of 10-15% YoY in 2015. The company has a growing food business outlook and expects to increase revenue proportion from exports after AEC is formed. The company is joining Makro HoReCa Challenge 2014 during 30 Oct – 2 Nov 2014 and expects to access the hotel and restaurant market. (Kao Hoon, 31/10/14)

HMPRO expects revenue growth of 15% YoY in 2014 after revenue growth of 20% YoY in 9M14. The company will set up a fair, 20th HomePro EXPO, during 14-23 November 2014 and targets revenue of Bt650-700mn from this fair. (Kao Hoon, 31/10/14)
Comment: The issue for HMPRO is that its profitability will continue to be negative with the expansion of Mega Home and Malaysia.

IFEC expects to obtain 100MW community solar power plants. The company will set up Phase 2 of its wind power plants with 90MW capacity and will sign an MoU with a Chinese company, the world’s largest wind power plant producer. The company targets wind power plant capacity of 200MW. (Thun Hoon, 31/10/14)
Comment: They have magically somehow been able to secure all these projects without having any financing in place.

Impact Growth REIT upbeat on outlook – The Impact Growth Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is confident of generating Bt525mn in revenue during the October-December period, its third quarter in its fiscal 2014 started April 1. (Bangkok Post, 31/10/14)

JSP sets subscription period during 10-12 November 2014 and expects to start trading on 19 November 2014. The company is a large low-rise property and commercial developer. The company expects revenue growth of 200% YoY in 2014. (Kao Hoon, 31/10/14)
Comment: Another first day blow up on the cards.

Loxley eyes 10% growth in revenue – Loxley Plc, one of Thailand’s largest trading conglomerates, expects its revenue in 2015 to surge by 10%, boosted largely by the government’s infrastructure investments. Business opportunities are likely to increase next year from the government’s infrastructure investments, which cover not only rail transport but also the mass transit system and digital television,” said president Dhongchai Lamsam. (Bangkok Post, 31/10/14)

MONO preparing to move to SET from mai —It will submit its proposal to its board in November. The company expects performance to recover in 2015 supported by the growing digital TV business. (Kao Hoon, 31/10/14)
Comment: I don’t think this is necessarily positive for a company

SEAFCO hopes to obtain bored pile project for condominiums in Myanmar worth Bt100mn after the recent project worth Bt50mn. The company expects better 3Q14 revenue QoQ and also expects revenue will reach Bt1.6-1.7bn in 2014. (Kao Hoon, 31/10/14)
Comment: Most probably the most well recognised piling company in Thailand today.

SLP files for IPO with the SEC. The company aims to sell 420mn IPO shares. It will use the funds to expand business. It hopes to list on the stock exchange in early 2015. (Kao Hoon, 31/10/14)

SPA starts trade on mai today and is expected to close at above Bt2.5/share, gaining from its IPO price of Bt1.7/share. The company is the first spa company being listed. It expects to add three new branches p.a. to generate revenue growth and also expects the growing tourism sector to bring in more business. (Kao Hoon, 31/10/14)
Comment: 200% on the first day, not too shabby.

TGPRO hopes for better performance in 4Q14 and expects revenue growth of 30% YoY in 2014 from recovery in demand for stainless products. It is ready to launch a new product to raise 2014 margin to a new high. The company will enter a new client base overseas and expects progress on the Dark Green line. (Thun Hoon, 31/10/14)
Comment: I’m not to sure on the viability of this company they have been preaching a turnaround for years that has yet to be sustainable

Mitsui buys 30% of Ticon fund – Ticon Industrial Connection Plc (Ticon) has agreed to sell a 30% stake in its fund management company, Ticon Management Co (TMAN), to Mitsui & Co (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd (MAP). The new shareholder is a wholly owned company of Japanese Mitsui & Co (Mitsui). MAP also plans to invest in the newly formed Ticon Real Estate Investment Trust (TREIT), which is now in the process of submitting a filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission. (Bangkok Post, 31/10/14)
Comment: Clever move by ticon, they are able to free up cash, TICON’s biggest problem is that they don’t have the balance sheet required to successfully keep growing at a rapid pace.

TSE makes impressive debut on mai – Shares of Thai Solar Energy (TSE) more than doubled the initial public offering (IPO) price at one point on yesterday’s opening day, suggesting that its recent legal woes have not spoilt investors’ appetite for newly listed shares. The solar farm’s shares started trading on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai) at Bt8 and briefly peaked at Bt8.05 before retreating slightly to close at Bt7.60, 94.87% higher than its IPO price of Bt3.90 each. (Bangkok Post, 31/10/14)
Comment: Surprised?

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