BCP joins with 10 partners to set up Carbon Markets Club for carbon trading to help reduce green house effect.

Comment: A new oligopoly is being formed in order to create the pricing for carbon in Thailand, smart move.

IMH said listed firms and private co have expressed interests in getting its Sinopharm vaccine services, targeting 100K doses within 3Q.

Comment: That this “private hospital” could somehow get this “Vaccine” should raise question marks, but so what? Demand>Supply. Share price up.

NSL sees strong bakery & baked food products sales at 7-11 on the back of dine-in ban, firms on Bt3.5b FY21 revenue target.

Comment: 1 main risk – 7-11 decides to do it themselves, wouldn’t be the first time. However it appears to be a low probability given the size/scale of NSL today.

PHOL will bid for PPE suits order from hospitals under Ministry of Public Health in July, target at least 200k pieces, expects strong face masks, face shield, gloves sales in 2H, add more products online to boost sales.

Comment: If they win, they probably had to pay 50% to Anutin and friends.

PJW maintained 5-10% FY21 revenue growth target from improved sales volume on recovery consumption, issues free warrant 191.35m units to existing holders at 3:1, will branch out from plastic packaging & auto parts to disposable medical supplies, target cod 1Q22.

SPALI sees no impact from construction delay from Covid curbs to FY21 earnings as Bt30b backlog ready to transfer, 40 ongoing projects under construction, no impact from 1 month delay launch plan.

SUN upbeats outlook from higher sweet corn exports volume and higher THB revenue from weakening THB, will cod ready-to-eat production line in 2H adding sweet corn, sweet potato, whole grains, corn soup, banana coconut sticky rice, eyes 10-15% revenue growth target.

Comment: What a wonderful story this has been. Benefits from all the increase in agri prices. And is a Thai Hemp play to boot.

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