BCPG signs PPA 600MW wind PP in Laos to Vietnam Electricity Auth, expected COD in 2025.

CFRESH upbeats 2H earnings from improving frozen shrimps export vol to EU, US, JPN, CAD on reopening, 100% utilization rate from 200ktpa production capacity, tailwind from higher THB revenue as export sales contributed 90% of total sales.

III mulls revising up FY21 revenue growth target to 30% from 20% from upcycle freight rate, higher traffic yoy & contribution from investment in freight forwarder Ship Smile.

Comment: In reality they should hit +40% in revenue growth

ILINK takes delivery of the final APM train (6th) from Siemen Mobility for Bt2.099b AOT procurement contract.

MC has temporarily closed its retail shops in 10 provinces, as per government’s latest curbs, during Jul 12-23, to focus more on online sales, offering promotion to boost revenue.

Comment: I wonder at what point will retail and office landlords finally reduce rental prices.

PTTGC’s acquisition of Allnex wud boost EBITDA by Bt14.8b/year, and also create synergy in supply chain, sees no impact on dividend payment, as DE would remain low at 0.6-0.7X post deal.

Comment: They flew to Phuket to close this deal. Who says the sandbox isn’t working?

PTTEP appoints Nippon Steel Engineering to build 40 offshore platforms & construct 280 km submarine pipeline for natural gas transport total US$904m.

PTT acquires 41.6% stake in India-based renewable firm, Avaada Energy, for US$450m, Barclay FA for PTT & BofA for Avaada.

Comment: This is a solar company, as long as governments are willing to subsidise this then it makes sense.

RPH sees surging OCC of IPD Covid patients at hospitals upcountry as people turns domicile as beds filled in Bangkok, will add 200 beds hospitel in 3Q.

SAK anticipates new loans reaching Bt8b FY21 target within 3Q from strong demand for consumer credits, larger exposure yoy from 200 branches, expects 2H NPL remained stable at 2.3%, sees cash collection remained intact.

WINMED to launch 2-3 products related to Covid rapid test kits, after government gave greenlight for public to conduct the test by themselves.

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