AH sees solid 2Q on recovering auto industry, momentum into 2H, boosting revenue this year >Bt21b, mulls new MG showroom in Prathum later this year.

Comment: A call with the owner said that the Just-in-time processes remain the target.

AP sees record 1H21 on rising demand for horizontal projects, expecting Bt20,000m in transfers, Bt17,817m pre-sales and Bt40,552m backlog, no impact from closure of construction camps, plans 26 projects in 2H worth Bt33,440m.

BCH sees no impact from Covid self-test kit allowance as patients have to go thru PCR (swab) to confirm positive before being admitted.

Comment: The market seems to think so as seen by their share price drop of -8% yesterday. Granted BCH and CHG have been on a massive runs in the past 3-6 months.

BH: local fund, BBLAM, cuts holding by 0.0296% to 4.9832% of total outstanding on July 8.

CBG firms on plan to list mini mart subsidiary, CJ Express, next year, will use proceed to expand 15 distribution centers, target 8k outlets by end of FY21, 50k branches by end of FY23.

Comment: 7-11 can’t encroach into CJ Express’ territories.

ILINK: wins submarine cable projects total Bt144m.

Comment: After 6 years it’s finally happened.

NRF to sign e-commerce partner early August, aims to boost sales by 20% in 2H, will begin selling CBD oil 4Q21, expects big jump next year.

Comment: They are hell bent on moving fast. If it works out then this name is worth far more, if not then look out below.

PTTGC sees no need to increase capital for its latest Bt148b acquisition of Allnex Holding GmbH, CEO will meet the press at 1pm.

Comment: PTTGC vs IVL? Same industry, different segments.

SIRI to spend Bt8.5m for 5,000 doses of Moderna as a vaccine booster for its staffs in November.

THG will join hands with a state agency to import BioNTech and Novavax Covid vaccines, 20m doses in total.

Comment: Hah….another one. Share price hasn’t had the bump that others did since it was mentioned yesterday.

TM expects big jump 3Q after Covid panel approved Covid self test kit, Covid air purifier/filter under collaboration with King Mongkut’s Institution of Tech Ladkrabang out on sales before end of 3Q.

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