BDMS anticipates solid 3Q from seasonal, higher contribution of specialty clinics, re-price room rates, absence of major investment, additional capacity from 172 beds Bangkok International Hospital (BIH) cod in Jul, newly launched Movenpick BDMS Wellness Resort cod 200 rooms in Jun, additional 293 rooms to open in Sept.

Comment: I am curious to see how BDMS’s margins are going to be once all customers know how much they are being ripped off.

BGC in talks for up to 5 M&A deals worth Bt50-1,000m each, including Bt1b solar farm in VN.

Comment: The main bottler for Singha Group…so are they going to look for diversification in a solar farm in VN? How does this mean sense?

EASTW upbeats raw water sales vol from surged demand for EEC expansion and increase household users along Eastern pipeline, firms on 300m full yr t/g +20% yoy, to expand clients coverage in water treatment, recycle biz and renewable energy, expects big jump next yr from GULF & AMATA water sales contract.

JASIF shareholders approved Bt38b new units, while JAS is ready to take up unsubscribed shr.

NETBAY t/g 10-15% rev growth this yr driven by strong traffic from custom e-payment, e-shipping and EXIM declaration as corps shift from analog to digital platform to save time and costs.

Comment: They can keep compounding growth until a government crony comes in and says “No we will give these contracts to another friend.” Lets hope that this doesn’t happen…

SEAFCO sees record high rev this yr reaching Bt3b, supported by Bt2.337b backlog, of which Bt1.4b to be booked in 2H.

SISB firms on 2H performance on higher enrolments and tuition fees, in talks with 5-10 potential partners for investment and M&A.

Comment: I never liked the idea of education being profit-seeking…must be my quasi-euro upbringing

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