BE8 sets Bt620m for X10 acquisition, completion about Aug 2022, boosting digital transformations, to realize Bt313m of Bt564m backlog this year, with plan to bid for another Bt569m, firms on 50% revenue growth.

Comment: Boom, stock up.

ORI sees solid recovery in 2Q, to start transfer of Bt12b luxury condo, while hotel business under One Origin sees steady growth after securing 3 Ibis contracts, boosting revenue to Bt17.5b this year.

Comment: They are leveraged everywhere to the hilt. But they survived covid through the finalisation of all their assets.

OSP sees easing covid situation in Myanmar to help boost 2Q revenue, plans premium energy drinks to boost revenue.

Comment: They can probably pass on every cost of their bottling.

RATCH sees growth doubling every quarter tile oy, on revenue recognitions of new PPs and completions of 5 M&A deals, while setting price for 725m new share at Bt34.48, sub June 6-10.

TACC sees growth continues the remaining of the year on new products and partners both domestic and abroad.

  1. Hey Pon, thanks for the earlier heads up on ORI. I am betting on an improved fiscal 2022, together with what would be a welcome IPO , as you described earlier. This would spin off the hospitality business and provide funding to pay down parent co. debt.

        • Look at how they are “selling” their units, “invest and we’ll pay you 6-7% for 3 years”
          and then?
          pray that they can sell them in 3 years and cover the “investment”

          • I’m used to see that back in Vancouver and Toronto. Condo Devs add the cost to the retail price. Suckers are born every minute. I will keep your info in mind, as soon as i can trade out of the stock. the one I got suckered on was XPG. SCBS rated it a buy est SP4 baht and then withdrew their research paper. ces’t la vie 🙂

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