BEM’s firm in solid 1Q, while targeting 4-5% growth in 2Q, average ridership of 370-380K/day to rise further on operating of Blue line extension later this year, potentially a month ahead of schedule.

BGRIM sets Bt38.5b capex to build powerplants, sees healthy electricity demand from industrial estates clients, in talk to buy 36mw wind farm in KR, will wrap up within 1H.

CPF upbeats FY19 earnings from improved margins on poutry & swine, growth from Philippines, Vietnam and Russian market.

EA sees record high profit this year supported by 664mw power gen capacity following cod entire 5 phase of 260mw Hanuman wind farm, will sell Bt15b CD to re-finance and expand EV & power storage business.

ORI target 3 new projects in 2Q worth Bt5.4b, reaffirms solid 1Q after registered Bt5.6b sales in the quarter.

PTTEP’s reaffirmed its committed to an investment focus on the Middle East and SEA after it suffered a 7% drop in 1Q19 net income to US$394m (Bt12.47b).

Comment: A recovery in oil prices is a boon for them and their latest deal with Murphy was a positive surprise.

SAT sees positive sales momentum 2Q from healthy demand for auto parts, in talk car makers for additional contracts on model change, target 5% revenue growth this year above Bt8.8b.

TPCH’s firm on record high profit from COD of 3 bio-mass powerplants with 40MW capacity, target 200MW by 2020 and 50MW waste powerplants.

Comment: According to the MD at an opp day they’ll be buying the equity stakes from their partners this year at par value.

TPIPP sees solid 2Q from strong RDF fuels sales driven by surged demand from powerplants, improved power selling price/unit on FT hike.

Comment: Dividend yield of …. 8-9%?

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