AMATA sees positive momentum 2Q from strong demand for IE land from Chinese investors, expects sales jumps 2H from additional contracts signed, 60% of Bt3.6b backlog to realize this year, sets Bt100m budget to estimate IE in Myanmar.

Comment: There has been zero momentum from AMATA…

BJC pays Bt0.55 dps, XD May 21, will debut 1st BigC hypermarket in Cambodia in 3Q, eyes 7-9% full year revenue growth, sets Bt10b capex for branch expansion.

Comment: Given the success of the other thai player in Cambodia, one shouldn’t be surprised if BIGC performs decently as well.

CK, ITD, STEC, UNIQ are among 9 contractors submitting bidding for Bt29b Rama 3 expressway, result May 16.

Comment: So, with Bumjaithai as the king maker in the election, who do you think will win this?

NER upbeats FY19 earnings from strongs rubber sales driven by solid growth from key client, Bridgestone, in the US, mixtures rubber plant capacity upgrade on track to cod next year, lifts output to 465,600 tpa from current 230ktpa.

PR9 reports foreign patients 1Q +37% yoy, expects margins bottom-out this year from expense of opening new building 2H19, sees big jumps FY20 from 271 IPD beds vs 149 this year, 197 examination rooms vs 114 rooms rite now.

SCB could pocket as much as Bt23.7b from selling SCBLIFE in 4Q and could result in decent extra dividend, Tabloid.

Comment: This years has returned this year. And yet the share price is still meh…

SVI reaffirms solid 1Q from strong electronic components order from auto and renewable energy segment and additional orders from telco clients shifting supplier from China.

Comment: The one factor that they have zero control over is the FX, and it will be an issue until they have multiple

TCAP could get as much as Bt10b gain from merger between TBANK/TMB, mulls special dividend, share buy-back, or debt repayment.

Comment: One then wonders…what about the remaining parts?

TRITN wins EPC contract to build Oil & Gas depot and port in Myanmar worth Bt1.8b, lifts backlog >Bt11.6b, in talk to buy 20mw coal fired powerplants in Myanmar, 30mw Malaysia solar farm, 5mw biomass pp and 3 mw biogas powerplants, will wrap up deal this year, reassures 20% revenue growth target.

TSE sees healthy 1Q from absence of provision for impairment of assets and cod of 3 pp combined 20mw lift total to 158.44mw vs 140.94mw eo-FY19, in talk to buy 50mw powerplants in Vietnam, expects to wrap up in May, expects record high profit this year.

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