BEM: kick-off trial run of Blue line extension, 14km 5 stations from Jul 29 till Sept 28, 13km elevated stretch from Tha Phra to Bang Sue North Bkk on track to cod next yr.

DIF: issue new units to raise Bt15.8b via offering 9.4:1 at Bt15.9 apiece, XB (excluding other benefit) upcoming Fri (Aug 2), pays Bt0.3469 dpu, XD Aug 26.

GPSC: announced RO 1.32b shrs 1:0.8819 @ Bt56 apiece, will use proceed to repay bridge financing from PTT & PTTGC on GLOW acquisitions, seek holder approval on Aug 28.

Comment: Far lower than the market expected (mid 60s), hence the drop in the share price.

GUNKUL: give 10mths installment plan for KTC’s credit card members who install household rooftop solar panels under brand GRoof.

ORI: teams up Spore partner, DWG, to promotes ppty pj in 10 countries, aiming to achieve Bt28b sales t/g this yr.

ROBINS: major holder, Central Retail (CRC), to tender at Bt66.5 via shr swap with CRC’s IPO, seek holder approval on Sept 5.

Comment: This is going to be YUGEEEEEE, good move by CRC, ROBINS has been a mess for the past few years and the value in CRC with some THB 200 bn in sales is going to shake things up on the market. 

TRUE: undecided whether to invest in Bkk’s underground cable conduit pj pursued by city hall due to disagreement on technical aspects and costs of the scheme.Comment: Rubbish, they love it, its a monopoly for TRUE. 

  1. Should the transport minister make true on his promise to lower fares on BTS & MRT to 15 Baht for the whole journey, what are your thoughts on that.

    • He should.
      The question is who pays? The government i.e. the country? If this is the option then its just enriching BTS Shareholders which is ridiculous. It says something that Thailand’s mass transit is amongst the most expensive in the world. Look at Singapore, they fixed their issues after taking the company off the stock market and back into government hands so the focus became service oriented and investments in maintenance capex as opposed to cutting costs and paying dividends to shareholders.

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