BEM: reported Nov avg MRT ridership +89% yoy to 345k trips/d, expects positive traffic volume carry thru new year from events, schools on-site classes and foreign tourists.

Comment: And you thought people wouldn’t be back in the offices 6 months ago…

Central Administrative Court has thrown out petition from Thai Consumer Council (TCC) seeking an injunction on the planned merger of TRUE & DTAC.

Comment: The trading gift that keeps on giving.

GULF: acquires 28.57% stake in port terminal in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Thai Tank Terminal (TTT), valued at Bt2.05b.

Comment: They need a port for the silly amounts of LNG they want to import into Thailand

SGC: SINGER’s consumer credit subsidiary, SG Capital, debut IPO 820m shares at Bt3.9 apiece, Maybank & ASP joint leads.

Comment: Winner winner chicken dinner.

WARRIX: sportwear manufacturer, Warrix Sport, sets IPO priced at Bt6.3/share, 7 times covered, debut on Dec 21.

Comment: I like the brand. I like the target market. I don’t know who the shareholders are and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a dump as a major group doesn’t have a lockup period for the shares.

WFX: upbeat 4Q earnings from Bt600m forward order in Nov & Dec thanks to strong demand for rubber band from improved textile market, will expand rubber threads capacity by 20-30% next year from current 36ktpa, mull tap in Turkish textile market.

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