BGRIM, GUNKUL, GULF, SCC, BANPU, WHA, TSE, DEMCO, GPSC among qualified bidders for 5GW renewable PPA from Electricity Generating Authority (EGAT).

Comment: Other than the first 3, do the others really stand a chance?

JR: wins sub-contract project from STEC valued at Bt3.9b, lifting backlog to all time high at Bt7.5b, expects positive growth momentum continue next year from EV infra expansion.

NEX: secured 5 E-buses order from ATP30.

SABUY: invests Bt462m in 5% of Malaysia online payment gateway, GHL Systems Berhad, aims to expand payment link via 5 countries in ASEAN thru GHL footprint, transaction to complete by end of Mar23.

Comment: I’ve met GHLS MK, WTF are sabuy doing, tsr, ghls….minority positions left right and center, how are we supposed to look at this entity?

TTA: fertilizer unit, PMTA, acquires land & bulk warehouse of Yara Vietnam for Bt227.5m, lifting capacity by 20k sq.m to 85k sq.m., target cod mid-FY23.

Comment: Was a decent fertiliser play at one point.

WICE: inked deal e-commerce portal, N-Squared Ecommerce, to support logistic services, warehouse, distribution center.

Comment: Well that’s interesting, n-squared has quietly grown itself into a decent player in the country & region.

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