BGRIM target to wrap up 2-3 oversea PP deals with 100-200MW capacity by eo-1H, in collaboration with TRUE to develop digital innovation for power business, by focusing on commercial buildings and IEs.

Comment: The power monster of the region.

BH: BBLAM cuts holding by 0.3141% to 4.1736% of total outstanding on March 24.

CPF’s exported 600 tons of chicken products to Saudi Arabia for the 1st time since 2004, expects 6,000 tons by end of year and 60K tons in 5 years, after getting the green light from Saudi food and drug authorities.

Comment: Prayuth was a good salesman for CP group

INET target 20% FY22 revenue growth from Bt1.89b FY21 driven by hyperscale data center, cloud and ICT infra services, tailwind frm online platform for biz mgt, e-tax invoice, finance, healthcare and other applications.

J upbeat 1Q earnings from full quarter recognition of the 5th community mall (Jas Green Village Kubon) coded 4Q21, recovery traffic at existing malls, in talk long term land lease in 2 locations to add community malls outskirt BKK, mulls collab with JMT to refurbish used property and resales to diversify earnings, target 50 units (Bt100m revenue) 1st phase.

Comment: J was a rubbish community mall developer until…now? JMT can buy bad assets, J will be hired to fix ’em up, and then they can be sold for a profit? Or will J be used to buy the asset from JMT? Or perhaps both.

OR keeps Bt92.5b investment plan for 2022, adds 202 service stations, expands EV Station Pluz another 350, Café Amazon by 518, Texas Chicken by 20, despite the high fluctuations of global oil price, driven by the Russia-Ukraine war.

Comment: If the PTT stations become too commercial, they’ll lose the domestic market which relies upon the local shopkeepers having stalls, that is what really drives the traffic to their locations, not the texas chickens nor amazon cafes.

PACO anticipates big jump this year from strong OEM parts orders from EV producer, sees healthy demand for battery cooler and account parts, expects positive momentum continued as car makers have to fulfill amount of auto production for BEV incentive package.

PTTEP mulls revising up full year average crude oil forecast to US$100 from current US$80-90/bbl bracket if war drag on beyond April.

Comment: Oil was already going to hit 100 without the war, basic inventory, demand/supply shows this.

STA boosts output at 6 plants to 2,96m tons/year, while the other 4 are undergoing expansion to boost overall to 3.45m tons/year.

Comment: I want to see their earnings crash by -50% because then this stupid covid period is over.

SUSCO target 16% CAGR over next 2 years supported by larger fuels sales volume growth from improved econ activities & domestic travel, expects marketing margin bottom out 1H22.

Comment: Marketing margins are going to look terrible until oil prices are below 70

VARO: Mitsubishi Corp RTM JPN purged entire holding 6.6974% yesterday, March 28

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