BGRIM targets 2018 revenue growth of 20-25% as it plans to start commercial operation of 449 MW, which raise its operating capacity to 2,091 MW. It also plans to announce an investment plan in a big solar farm in Vietnam in April. (Khao Hoon, 14/03/18)
Comment: Of the larger players it has the best revenue growth for 2018
CNT targets 2018 revenue to grow to Bt8bn and plans to bid for new projects worth Bt60bn, raising its backlog from Bt9.2bn now. It also plans to ask shareholders to approve an extension of the period for selling 75mn shares through private placement and expects to find a new partner to strengthen the business. (Thun Hoon, 14/03/18)
CWT is negotiating a takeover of 8 MW biomass power plant, which it expects to finalize within 4Q18. It has budgeted Bt200mn to expand to ship building and targets 2018 revenue to reach Bt2.4bn. It is issuing free warrants in the proportion of 9 existing shares for 1 warrant. (Thun Hoon, 14/03/18)
FN says 1Q18 results will be outstanding backed by good recovery of purchasing power and continual expansion in online selling channels. It maintains 2018 revenue growth at 9-10% and targets sales per store to grow by at least 5%. It has budgeted Bt300mn to open two new outlets and install more solar rooftops. (Thun Hoon, 14/03/18)
Comment: And yet I still don’t believe it. Sure if upcountry and tourists were constantly visiting all of their stores then yes, but otherwise I’m still of the viewpoint that 1/2 of their units are not performing well.
GUNKUL beginning test runs of the 60 MW Saranrom wind farm and is going to start commercial operations on March 23. It expects this wind farm to raise revenue by Bt800mn/year. It expects stable growth from the renewable energy business and plans to expand to Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Japan to strengthen its business. (Thun Hoon, 14/03/18)
ILINK targets 2018 revenue growth of at least 10% as it sees business outlook is still good. It currently has backlog of Bt6-7bn and plans to bid for a new project worth Bt4bn. It expects to receive submarine communication cable projects in Ko Samui and Ko Tao; the results will be announced in August 2018. It is going to issue a Bt1bn bond. (Thun Hoon, 14/03/18)
Comment: And so, if they are able to get the airport project done on time would the stock recover back to 16?
LPH has budgeted Bt200mn for a share buyback of 30mn shares or 4% of total shares. The buyback will begin on March 26 and extend until September 25, 2018. It expects this to raise the dividend yield for shareholders. (Khao Hoon, 14/03/18)
SIRI believes deed transfers in 1Q18 will achieve target of Bt2bn. It is going to open presales for The Line Wongsawang worth Bt4.6bn on March 17-18 and expects presales will reach 30-40% during this event. (Khao Hoon, 14/03/18)
TK projects 2018 revenue to grow by 10% and total loans to reach Bt10bn. It has budgeted Bt65mn, with Bt25mn for new branches in Laos and Cambodia and Bt40mn for technology development. It targets revenue proportion from overseas to increase to 50% by 2020 from an expected 10% in 2018. It says it is ready to acquire a business if there is an opportunity. (Thun Hoon, 14/03/18)
WHA’s subsidiary is developing a new industrial estate in Vietnam, WHA Hemaraj Industrial Zone Nghe An, with initial investment of US$100mn. The construction of Phase 1 covering an area of 498 hectares will start in April. It will open for service in 4Q18 and eventually there will be six more phases covering a total area of 3,200 hectares. (Khao Hoon, 14/03/18

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