BGRIM to wrap up 500MW M&A deal in 2H, reported Bt1,022m 2Q, flat yoy, but topped Bt850m consensus, Bt0.15 interim, XD Aug 26.

Comment: The continued expansion of this behemoth is to be expected.

EA to start delivering electric bus this month, while battery plant to start production within 3Q.

Comment: A friend commented that EA is just like GULF, evidence of crony capitalism in Thailand. And I don’t entirely disagree with that notion. Note that nothing has happened yet with the battery investment made in Taiwan…

PCSGH sees orders for EV parts pouring in end of year, mulls capacity expansion.

Comment: It has no (real) impact on their business…

SCGP to wrap up 2 mega deal in 3Q, Intan and Deltalab, firms on Bt100b sales target this year, mulls further expansion in Vietnam.

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