BJC: sets Bt 1.6b capex to up capacity of tissue & personal care products, revamp warehouse automation to save costs.

Comment: I still wonder how much shrinkflation can help companies such as BJC show earnings growth.

CKP: reaffirms solid 2Q from strong flow rate at Xayaburi hydro pp, higher equity income yoy after raised holding in XPCL to 42.5% from 37.5%, positive momentum carry thru 3Q from rainy season.

CHIC: home furnishing store, Chic Republic, debut IPO 360m shares at Bt 0.9 apiece, Maybank leads.

Comment: After so many years, its finally IPO’ed

COM7: invests Bt 170m for 89.29% stake in Putthatham Insurance (PTI).

Comment: Are these going to be value added investments that COM7 are embarking upon? Or good ol’ diworsefication?

SCGP: revised up FY revenue target to Bt 150b from 140b supported by recovery demand for packaging on reopen, allot Bt 4b for 2 M&A in 2H, pays Bt 0.25 dps, XD Aug 24.

SIRI: reported 1H22 transfer at Bt 14b account for 40% of FY target, Bt 10.5b out of Bt 20.3b backlog to record in 2H, maintaining Bt 35b sales target after logged Bt 18.3b in 1H, will launch 31 projects total Bt 31.2b for remaining of year.

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