AP: reported 1H22 pre-sales at Bt 20.57b +25% yoy account for 54% of Bt 38b FY target, maintaining launch plan 18 SDH projects in 2H total Bt 24b, focus on bird nest family & upmarket.

GFPT: anticipates wider margins in 2H supported by lower feed mill cost & easing freight rate; inverse with poultry selling price.

Comment: Curious to see how quickly poultry prices correct. Otherwise the thai players are going to make stupid margins for the rest of the year.

GULF: forms 75:25 jv with WHA, Gulf MP WHA1, to expand solar rooftop capacity 100mw for industrial clients in WHA industrial estates.

Comment: Cookie munster, actually given that it’s domestically focused I should call it somtum munster.

IRPC: coded 50m liter oil depot in Surathani to expand sales in southern provinces

KBANK: is among top candidates to be added to MSCI upcoming reshuffle announcement Aug 11, effective at the close of Aug 31st, tabloid.

SNNP: reaffirms record high profit upcoming announcement Aug 8, strong snacks sales on easing curbs boost earnings, maintaining Bt 5b FY revenue target.

Comment: Their performance has been surprisingly far better than I expected

TLI: disqualified to fast track into SET50 as market cap at close price <1% of SET market cap (Bt 182.05b vs Bt 18.82trln), while market cap ranking stands at 23rd outside top 20 (CPF 20th, PTTGC 21st and GPSC 22nd); BLA escaped relegation from SET50.

Comment: Time to pump kce BLA irpc and jmart as these were the names everyone said would be hurt when TLI came to the market.

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