BKI sees 2H turnaround on absence of heavy Covid claims, higher investment incomes on improving mkt condition, pays dividend Bt3.5, XD Aug 24.

Comment: It’ll be interesting to see how the insurance players progress over the next 6-12 months. Given that 3 players are out – bankrupt due to covid claims. Competition down, market size remains, plus we still have higher rates to come?

CHAYO sets Bt2.5b budget to scoop up bad debts, in talk to sell 1-2 NPA land, expects to finalize 1 deal by end of year.

Comment: Just waiting to see how much they can scoop up in 4Q (as usual)

COM7 keeps 20% revenue growth target this year, from Bt51b yoy, firm on solid growth in 2H, on track to add another 100 branches, boosting total to 1,190.

Comment: Every time I think that there should be a slowdown in mobile phone sales- especially iPhones, I’ve been proven wrong – seems like a lot of people just love playing installments for 12-24 months…Note up until the past few years I’ve stayed on a blackberry…

EA confirmed schedule to deliver E-bus 150 units on Aug 20, maintaining 1k units delivery target, teams up E-locomotive partner CRRC Dalian & train maintenance service operator Asia Engineering Service (AES) to expand battery train.

Comment: Soooooo, how are raw material price increases impacting this business?

ERW expects FY earnings jump 170% yoy from higher international travelers, sees FY OCC >60%, opening 3 Hop-Inn budget hotels in BKK, selling franchise to 2-3 partners to expand business upcountry.

JMART sees profit growth momentum continues in 2H, boosted by associated like JMT, SINGER and J Mobile, mulls announcing new partner in 3Q.

Comment: 1. Great figures 2. Increased capital last year – no b/s issue but 3. EPS growth is -ve due to the cap raise (applies to JMART and SINGER)

MILL’s board approved cash call via PP up to 462m shares to 5 private investors at Bt0.79/share (17% discount from previous close at Bt0.95), COM7’s CEO Sura Khanittaweekul & local VI, Dr.Pongsak Thammathataree among buyers.

Comment: What funny business is going on here?

PTT, CPN and Evolve in collab to add 400 EV charging bays at 37 of CPN’s shopping malls.

Comment: Still have my doubts on this EV trend outside of a few wealthy buyers.

SPA upbeats outlook from recovery spa business on increasing international arrivals, cod of 2 outlets at Noku Phuket resort and TRIA Medical Wellness Center of Piyavate hospital, form venture with partner to expand cannabis-based medical products.

Comment: The partnership with Tria is interesting. But at the end of the day they need more tourists in Bangkok.

TU sees solid momentum in 2H, on track for 10-12% revenue growth this year with 17.5-18% GM, food production and collagen peptide plants to COD 2Q23, boosting capacity by 30-40%, mulls jv with RBF to set up plant in India, and to list ITC in 4Q22.

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