Bank & Finco expected to purge bad debts >Bt170k from total Bt500b NPLs in the system, Tabloid.

Comment: Debt jubilee? The conspiracy theorists will have a field day with this.

BKI stops selling Covid-19 insurance as entire budget coverage fully subscribed.

Comment: Members of my team bought some, why? They called it a lottery, spend 500 baht, if they get sick they win 100,000 baht. I obviously haven’t trained them well given the probabilities, 0.05% chance of getting sick, 200x+ upside. Banks and insurance co’s are making a quick buck. SCB and others have already pulled this insurance product.

SUN sees February corn order +10% yoy as demand for foods spiked on fears of lockdown.

Comment: Part of me thinks that China is probably desperately in need for the food, Thailand could benefit from this.

TFG maintained 10% poultry exports volume growth target, as 2 plants recovered approval from Chinese custom to ship to China, improved product price and weak THB to support earnings

Comment: See above

TM upbeats sales momentum 2Q as order for face masks and hand sanitizer gel grow amid pandemic spread, firms on Bt700m revenue target.

TMB to sell FWD’s bancassurance right to Prudential for Bt20.8b, Prudential to exclusively sell life insurance via TMB & TBANK.

Comment: Boom easy cashflow for TMB

TRT mulls bid for electric transformer projects from public and commercial projects combined Bt8.83b, target to win at least 25% to boost backlog from current Bt2.69b, still no impact from Covid-19 in near term.

Comment: These players should be rather immune to the Wuhan Flu.

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