1. Doctors issue Stage-3 warning : Nation ‘not equipped’ for full-on epidemic. An association of chest physicians is calling on the government to prepare for Covid-19 to become a “Stage 3”, full-blown epidemic in Thailand while slamming the authorities’ slow response to the spread of the disease. Bangkok Post
  2. SET changes shorting rules amid chaos : Fifth circuit breaker in history comes fast after fourth, underlining the vulnerability of equities. The Stock Exchange of Thailand has revised equity short-selling regulations temporarily, stipulating that SET members short-sell stocks only at a price higher than the last trading price, following a series of heavy sell-offs that triggered a circuit breaker. Bangkok Post
  3. Internal trade chief Whichai shunted over mask shortages : Internal Trade Department (ITD) chief Whichai Phochanakij was transferred to an inactive post yesterday pending an investigation into the export of a large number of face masks just prior to their reclassification as a price-controlled product. Bangkok Post
  4. Virus puts paid to Songkran: Govt insists country hasn’t hit Stage 3 yet. The government will postpone the Songkran holiday and ban large public gatherings, including entertainment venues, sport and education activities, in fresh efforts to handle the spread of Covid-19. Bangkok Post
  5. BoT poised to make further rate cuts: Fallout from Fed’s drastic dip spills over. The Bank of Thailand still has monetary policy space for further rate cuts to cushion the impacts from the Covid-19 outbreak and the central bank will take into account the US Federal Reserve’s emergency rate cut at its upcoming meeting, says a senior official at the Finance Ministry. Bangkok Post
  6. New -8% trigger for circuit-breaker : Securities trade rules altered until June 30. The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has revised the securities trading regulations for triggering a circuit-breaker and the ceiling and floor limits for securities products in a bid to curb a heavy stock plunge. Bangkok Post
  7. Stage 3 preparations underway : National lockdown ‘may be needed’. The government is making preparations to cope with a possible third-stage outbreak of the coronavirus, including a nationwide lockdown, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said. Bangkok Post
  8. Cash giveaways for relief ruled out : Payment delays and soft loans proposed. New relief measures for employees and self-employed workers ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic include soft loans with payment on principal and interest suspended for six months, but not cash giveaways, says a senior official at the Finance Ministry. Bangkok Post
  9. BoT demands all banks provide 7 key services : The Bank of Thailand has demanded all financial institutions continue providing seven financial services, including deposits, money withdrawals, fund transfers, payments, cash management and settlement systems, in an effort to avoid potential coronavirus-related disruption. Bangkok Post
  10. Ministry to return B1.4bn in deposits : The Tourism Ministry is poised to return 1.4 billion baht in deposits to tour companies that registered with the Tourism Department, while acknowledging that a year-long pandemic could slash the number of international visitors in 2020 to 10 million. Bangkok Post
  1. Thailand is at the stage 3 tipping point where number will go exponentially up from here.my guess will be 1000 by end of this month and perhaps 10000+ by end of April in a base case scenario.

    Govt has been woefully inept in all this flip flopping on border closures and what not. Hoping everyone stays safe.

  2. Even the most developed countries were not prepared for an emergency like this.

    I can’t even think how thailand could handle this, a complete lockdown means milions low income thais living by their daily work will need economic and health support.

    It is possible, or it will be nightmare.

    • Thailand had the advantage of time, see what it did to South Korea and Italy weeks beforehand, should have banned large gatherings weeks ago when infection rates were still low. Now as we see throughh bars and boxing stadiums, the horse has truly bolted and it will become a freight train.

      The fact it didnt institute any bans on outward travel by thais to hotspots such as South Korea is mind boggling.

      They did a better job in 2014 locking down the country almost immediately, banned large gatherings etc so Prayuth can do his power grab…

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