BLAND wants to develop Muang Thong Thani as a smart city district, with plans to build a new seafood and fruit centre offering goods at affordable price to attract tourists to Nonthaburi, banking on the Pink Line monorail service that is scheduled to start running there next year.

Comment: It’s been a multi decade play for the family…

DITTO to start selling carbon credit token in 4Q, eyes Bt2-3b government project bids to boost backlog from current Bt4.6b.

Comment: This will be such a beautiful scam.

SAMART sees rising government project bids after fiscal budget was approved and disbursed past few months, confident of securing traffic control contract in Laos by 3Q24.

SAPPE targets becoming a global brand, launching new products, firms on 25% growth target, helped by AI-assisted in managing production and keeps marketing cost at 12% range.

Comment: AI assistance in managing production? Right…

WHA’s expected to wrap up 400 rai land sale in 2Q, plans revising current land sale target up from current 2,275 rai, mulls investment in clean energy power plant in Korea. 

Comment: Korea oddly has been rather open to FDI into their renewable energy projects…BGRIM is a well known Thai player there.

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