CPN expects to attract tremendous amount of traffic to its shopping malls during Thailand’s Pride Celebration 2024 which it hosts in June, as data from TAT shows this segment spends 40% more than avg tourists in general with preferences for luxurious lifestyles.

OR sees solid 2Q from tourism, Bt0.70-Bt1.2/liter marketing margin, $80-85/bbl, sets Bt23b capex to expand petrol stations and Café Amazon outlets by 100 and 350, as well as lifestyle business.

Comment: Until oil prices are consistently sub-60 then none of these petrol station co’s are going to show decent numbers. OR does have the benefit of having a fantastic non-oil biz.

TTA sees windfall from high freight rate and backlog, producing steady revenue for this year, couples with chemical business in VN to boost 2Q24 revenue, firms on 10% revenue growth target this year.

Comment: IF YOU WEREN’T RUN BY IDIOTS YOU’RE STOCK WOULD BE 5X HIGHER. Oh did I say this out loud?

WARRIX sees solid 2Q on soccer World Cup hypes and sport events, focusing on B2C with higher margin, mulls 5-10 new shops to focus on lifestyle apparels, exports to China this quarter.

Comment: They’re going to have to rely more and more on government spending to grow…they’re up against strong Chinese players coming to Thailand..or they could go the McGroup route and solidify their market share and be the THAI play for upcountry spending.

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