BPP buys 33.5% stake in 543mw Nakoso Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) powerplants for US$80m, deal to complete by end of April.

CPF opens 2 new Chester grill restaurants, Lak-si and Bang-na, and launches chicken New Orleans new menu, on track to open 10 this year.

OR extend land lease contract at Khlongtoey pier central BKK for another 15 years, sees benefits from logistic & costs advantage, planning to develop 4 plots of land to boost non-oil business.

Comment: It does appear as if all these oil retailers are trying to expand non-oil revenues/business streams much faster. And with OR recently going public, they have the balance sheet necessary to do so.

PACO will launch oil cooling EV products in 2Q, sees growth from growing popularity in e-driving, mulls expand network via franchise, Paco Auto Hub, target 1K outlets by end of FY22.

QTC wins procurement contract to supply 421 units of electrical transformer to Laos authority total Bt60m, will start to realize revenue from 2Q, firms on Bt1.2b full year revenue target.

SAWAD’s retail lending unit, SCAP, to buy a 90% stake of S Leasing, aiming to embark on the motorcycle hire-purchase loan business, sees profitable growth via expanded client base and services nationwide, with listing plan in 2-3 years

Comment: And there we go, SAWAD vs MTC. It’s on!

TIPCO sees solid growth over next 3 years on econ recovery post-covid, new products, including hemp-based F&B in 3Q21, sets Bt100m capex.

Comment: ICHI will make the noise, TIPCO will make the mass market product.

TPCH sees revenue rise to Bt3.2b from Bt1.8b last year, sets up 10 subsidiaries to bid for community PP (pilot projects), firm on 250MW target by next year.

Comment: I have very little belief left in this management’s ability to execute. Hard working yes, but not tricky enough to win the projects (look at GULF) necessary to grow.

TWZ signs MOU to co-develop help-based products, target revenue recognition from 2Q21, in talks with partners to expand hemp-based products.

Comment: We’ve been to their MOU partner, its a small facility at 1 rai, the owner himself said that his cost price is prohibitive to really do retail products. Not sure how/what TWZ will do with this plan, or it could just be a news item to make the share price move.

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