BPP upbeats 3Q earnings from additional capacity from Chu Ngoc solar & Nhon Hai solar projects in VN total 50mw, higher electricity & steam sales from 3 combined heat & power (CHP) in China, in process of due diligence on 2-3 pp M&A in the US combined capacity 2k mw, maintaining 5.3k mw target by eo-FY25.

JMART’s board approved investment in BRR, 51.15m shares (6.3% of total outstanding) via big-lot, mulls diversify to renewable energy, green packaging, fertilizer, logistic, carbon credit opportunity.

Comment: Hmmmm. I hope they don’t get into the diworsifcation model.

SAMART reported aviation subsidiary, Cambodia air traffic services (CATS), wins concession extension by additional 10 years to FY51.

SEAFCO reported 3 bored piles projects signed in Aug total Bt208m, expects to add more backlog in 4Q as key construction partner (CK) wins Bt18.1b 2 contracts from south purple MRT where Bt400-600m is expected to be foundation work, more to come from West Orange line next year.

Comment: And they still win and win. Question is only margin and when investors think its attractive.

PLUS will launch coconut yogurt & coconut milk in 2H, sees 3Q earnings momentum remained strong exports U.S. and middle east, eased containers congestion, larger distribution network via 2k branches of Wallmart, maintaining 50% FY revenue growth target >Bt1.5b.

PSL: local fund, KSAM, cuts holding by 0.1584% to 4.9852% of total outstanding on Aug 19.

Comment: I wonder if we are going to see the usual spike in 3Q, not much time left.

PTT see benefit from current escalation between Taiwan and China to its EV business, target 50K production in 1st phase.

SITHAI in talk with potential partners to manufacture plastic components for EVs, med devices and electronics, sees growth momentum into 3Q especially in industrial products such as preform straw and closure for Suntory Pepsi and household products in India and VN.

TOP expects GIM & GRM normalize in 2H, sees profit stay above pre-Covid level on tight supply refined products, recovery chem products price (aromatics, olefins & lub base) from bottom in 2Q to support earnings.

Comment: Just printing money. Probably for another 6-9 months. Then the rate of change in demand normalises and supply capacity of refiners aren’t stretched.

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