AU upbeats 2H earnings from improved traffic at dessert café as dine-in grows, recovery margin after repriced menu in March, plans to add more standalone shops from current 4 stores to boost grab & go sales, will open 2nd HK branch next year.

Comment: Perhaps one of the last lagging f&b/tourism plays.

J keeps 10-15% FY revenue growth target from Bt434m last year supported by full year recognition of its 5th community mall (JAS Green Village Kubon), transfer of remaining 15 units of Newera condo in 2H, contribution from senior wellness business, 6th community mall 12k sq.m. in Bangbua Thong 30% booked, expects to cod within 3Q22, lifts total rental space to Bt 80k sq.m.

Comment: The strongest share price in J group

RBF raised FY22 revenue growth target from 10-15% to 15-20%, on exports and reopening, mulls raising selling price in 2H and introducing new products.

Comment: Was well loved during the cannabis period in Thailand last year but given the delays itsfallen….if you look at the core business, its a solid company. No idea re valuation…

Covid panel allows pharmacies nationwide to distribute Covid medicines, including Favipiravir (5m tablets) Molnupiravia (6.76m tablets) & 38k of Remdesivir to general public starting September 1, positive pharmacies IP & HL.

Comment: Could explain why HL is still valued so highly, from what I’ve been told, even the owners are confused why their share price is so high.

SIS branches out from telco network, cloud & IT solutions to power management & EV charger to boost growth, firms on Bt32b FY revenue target.

SONIC sees solid growth momentum in 2H, after 7 consecutive quarterly record, reveals new Hamburg route, expand TH-China rail transports, and expand container depot to 17rai early next year.

TOP announced ratio for 275.12m shares PO subscription at 11.7681 to 1.

Comment: This dilution was less than the market expected, +8-9% vs the ~13% expected.

TTCL wins EPC contract for Chlor-Alkali plant projects from City Group Bangladesh total Bt145m.

WHA to sign 700rai land sales to Chinese EVs on September 8, boosting overall sale to >1,000rai, with plan to sell >3,000rai more, coincides with BYD’s plan to set up Bt20b EV plant here in Thailand.

Comment: WHA > AMATA, has been the case for a decade and will continue to be under the current owner.

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