BRI reported 2M23 residential sales topped Bt2b, maintains launch plan 20 projects total Bt22.5b, eyes 20% FY revenue growth target above Bt13b, revenue +40% >Bt9b.

CPALL sees 5-7% SSSG via 7-11, sets Bt27b capex to add 700 branches in TH & 30 in Cambodia, will debut 2 outlets in Laos this year, reassures FY interest expense well below 4%.

Comment: Here’s one issue with 7-11, did you know that they don’t have a proper centralised system for ordering products from all the different brands/suppliers? The brands have to contact store by store in order to know what the inventory levels are. Just imagine how much better 7-11 could be if they fixed this simple problem…

FSS sees growth momentum from Bt2.4b record revenue last year, confident of keeping #1 ranking in online trades under Finansia HERO, with plan to boost overall market share to 8-9% this year from 7.31% last year, mulls 4-5 big IPO this year.

Comment: They poached the key Investment Bankers from SCB hence why they are going to get the market share.

ILINK sets Bt7.4b revenue target this year with plan to join bids for more underwater cabling, adding to Bt2.113b existing backlog.

ITEL target FY revenue >Bt3.6b-3.8b, driven by network amalgamation aft TRUE x DTAC, mulls listing turnkey ICT solutions subsidiary, Blue Solutions, on MAI this year.

NRF sees FY pet food revenue +25% yoy, supported by larger exports volume & China reopening, e-commerce to boost direct sales to consumers, seeks partners to strengthen footprint overseas.

Comment: Send this stock to 0, he hasn’t achieved anything, and is using the plc as a personal investment co to buy/sell brands/projects.

PCC wins power distribution controlling system from Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) valued at Bt191m.

RT sees turnaround this year, firms on Bt3-4b revenue, +100% yoy, adding Bt6b to Bt11.4b existing backlog.

TU sees 1Q23np flat qoq as clients inventory remained high after heavy restocking in 2H22 to mitigate risk from accelerated freight costs, sets Bt6.5b capex to up production capacity of ready-meal & dim sum by 38%, expand capacity of protein hydrolysate & collagen peptide, revamp wet pet food production line & packaging unit, reduce revenue from frozen seafood, expand HVA products portfolio to enhance profitability, maintains 5% sales growth target, consider shares buyback.

Comment: There’s a lot of hidden value here, but they still use slaves and funds won’t buy them.

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