AGE targets Bt500m new loans from backhoe & trailer hire-purchase, to diversify earnings from coal trading & logistic business, capitalize on existing drivers who have good track record & credit score from subsidiary, AGE Transport.

Comment: Coal prices have dropped from their peak by -60%, but are still 2x from pre c-19 levels, plus age customers are typically the cement plants whom have seen a decline in volume over the past 6 months.

AMATA raised land sales target this year by 50% from 1,500 rais to 2,250 rais.

Comment: Yes, back to mid 2000s levels. Why? Pent up demand nothing happened for a few years (remember lockdowns?)

BEM: CK raised holding by 0.1224% to 34.3136% on March 3.

EPG target 5% FY sales growth, margin within 30-33% range from lower chemical price & freight costs, sees positive 4Q22 momentum (Jan-Mar,23) supported by industrial demand for temp insulation, air duct & Aeroflex after-market parts, packaging unit (EPP) to add more products line to expand segment coverage.

NEX & EA are expected to be major bene from additional EV incentives by waiving import duties for some parts of battery EV & e-boat effective till eo-FY25, corporate tax waiver for EV incentives, Tabloid.

Comment: I hope they’ve fixed the electrical fires before passengers start using their vehicles…

ORI reported 2M23 sales topped Bt5b, expects to reach Bt9b by eo-1Q, firms on Bt45b FY sales target, mulls spinning-off mixed-use & commercial property, One Origin, on SET by end of year.

PTTEP was awarded E&P licenses at 2 of 3 new petroleum blocks in the Gulf of Thailand, a move that should pave the way for more domestic oil and gas supply to strengthen the country’s energy security.

Comment: This is what I want to see as someone living in Thailand. Now 2H23 I think oil prices are higher…only q is when to buyback pttep…

SAK sets 25% loan port growth target this year to Bt13.5b, focusing on sustainable economy in solar rooftop and agricultural drone, target 1,029 branches this year, keeps NPLs level at 2.5%, vs 2.6% yoy.

Comment: You can take your solar and shove it. It’s going to ruin houses and the electrical grid.

WARRIX to branch out from sport apparel to active lifestyle, mulls tapping into running segment to exploit mass market, adding golf, gym equipment & training products to capture demand from higher purchasing power consumers, eyes 20-30% FY revenue growth target.

Comment: They’ve just done an amazing job.

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