FTSE rebalance on Friday is expected to see $119m inflows, with $90.5m into CRC, $32m to CBG. FTSE Small cap seen inflows into MEGA and JMT, while Micro cap into SINGER and SABINA.

Comment: Normally the share prices move up leading to such an event as locals take advantage of the information/time advantage.

BTS voiced concerns over unfair treatment by MRTA on abrupt decision to change evaluation criteria for Bt142.7b Orange line MRT bidding, instead of 100% base on bidder’s tech proposal to 30% tech & 70% price proposed, after bidding envelops were sold to bidders.

CCET sees 3Q turnaround from strong revenue from electronic manufacturing services (EMS) supporting by demand for network equipment, server, 5G compatible devices.

SABINA to be added to FTSE Micro Cap, sees 100% recovery in sales in 4Q if situation improved in all 3 areas, covid, US-China relations, and domestic politics.

Comment: I think all companies would say the same….

STGT reaffirms record high profit this year on rising demand, with backlog until 2022, sets rubber gloves output reaching 70b pieces by 2026.

Comment: Absolutely true, and price of gloves are still increasing, but then the question remains on the future…

TFG upbeats 2H earnings from downstream expansion to fresh foods retail business, expects higher sales from larger distribution network and wider margins than poultry & swine productions & wholesale, sees selling price remained strong from swine outbreak in Vietnam & supply disruption from Covid.

TNP anticipates positive SSSG in 2H from improved traffic on reopen and tourists, will add 5 supermarkets for remaining 4 months, tally to 35 branches by end of year, in talk partners to add electronic productions to boost margins, maintaining 10-15% FY20 revenue growth target, margins within 13-16% range.

TQM expands into microinsurance in co-op with FSMART to sell insurance via FSMART’s top-up machines, target 1m policies in 1st year, firms on Bt15b premiums target this year.

Comment: Great for both players. But I wonder how TQM will be able to maintain its momentum for next year. Given their current market valuation, if I was management I’d use shares as a financing tool to acquire other players. 

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