BTS will kick-off trial run of Gold line (Thonburi-Khlongsan Iconsiam) in April, t/g cod North Green line extension 3 stations (Forest dept-Bangbua & 11th Infantry in 2H20.

CHAYO upbeats FY20 earnings from larger debts under management yoy, anticipates wider margins from low rate environment, will add more NPLs in portfolio.

Comment: And JMT should have decent #’s too

OHTL omitted dividend payment for 2H19 operation.

Comment: The first time in a … decade (or 2 or 3)? I wonder how many other companies are going to be cutting dividends

PLANB obtained 19.96% stake in MACO on Thursday (Jan 30), SEC filing.

Comment: Left pocket right pocket amongst BTS Group

  1. Nothing to do with stock today but wondering if you think bwg splitting off etc is a good thing. Market has not reacted well. Thought the stock was a sure thing back in October at recent lows. Not so sure now.

    • Question marks on the core business after last years drop in volumes. But with businesses supposedly going towards proper recycling firms like BWG should prosper.
      Rumours have it that PRO waste is coming back to the market and have dropped their service prices – may have taken away some existing business from BWG.

      However the IPO is a positive, it shows the holding value that BWG has, but there isn’t any profit realisation on this IPO and then the consolidated numbers for BWG will look lower until the other business units kick in.

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