1. Crisis deals B50bn hit to tourism : The coronavirus crisis is likely to cost Thailand at least 50 billion baht in lost tourism income associated with China’s blanket ban on tourists leaving its affected cities, according to the Tourism Council of Thailand. Bangkok Post
  2. Govt ‘in full control’ of outbreak : PM moves to allay fears in TV broadcast. The government has given assurances that it can fully contain the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus as it has stepped up its monitoring and assessment of the situation, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha says. Bangkok Post
  3. Crisis cuts at projected tourist income : Thailand is estimated to lose 80-100 billion baht in income, mainly from tourism, because of the deadly virus outbreak, shaving economic growth by 0.5-0.7 percentage points this year. Bangkok Post
  4. TAT gathers players to address virus fallout : Epidemic projected to cut 2m arrivals. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is working with the tourism sector to find a strategy to achieve its 3.16-trillionbaht revenue target for 2020 and offset the sharp decline in Chinese tourists this year. Bangkok Post
  5. TAA reshuffles operations as Chinese market takes a hit : Thai AirAsia (TAA), Thailand’s largest lowcost carrier, expects to lose 300,000 Chinese passengers during the first quarter, as flights to China make up 30% of its total revenue. Bangkok Post
  6. Proxy votes ‘won’t affect spending’: The Constitutional Court’s decision to accept a petition asking it to rule on the validity of the 2020 budget bill will not affect the government’s ability to spend, said Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam. Bangkok Post
  7. China VOA halt mulled : Tourism relations hang in the balance. The Tourism and Sports Ministry is pondering the cancellation of visas-onarrival (VOAs) for Chinese travellers from areas most affected by the coronavirus, even as there are concerns the move may affect rocky tourism relations between the two countries in the long run. Bangkok Post
  8. FPO nips outlook on risks and budget : The Fiscal Policy Office (FPO) downgraded Thailand’s economic growth outlook to 2.8% this year after factoring in impacts from the deadly coronavirus and a further delay in the budget bill for fiscal 2020. Bangkok Post
  9. Minister opposes scrapping VOAs : Fears over damage to reputation in China. Tourism and Sports Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn says the government should not scrap visas-on-arrival (VOAs) for Chinese travellers despite the public health minister insisting on a suspension. Bangkok Post
  10. UTCC: Threats could cost B227bn, cut GDP growth : Widespread drought, budget disarray, toxic dust and the impact of the Wuhan virus outbreak on tourismrelated spending and exports are expected to cost 226.7 billion baht in losses to the Thai economy, says the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. Bangkok Post
  1. It looked as if some of that always welcome fx return might be coming off Hot Thai Go-Go Bonds–unpleasant for traders in search of extra yield. However: being corrected as I speak, however (apparently, maybe)–Buncothailand, you never know. Meanwhile, exports of fruit have exploded to the middle kingdom. No worries.

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