CBG: mulls tap in premium energy drink segment, sees mass market consumers switched to premium products from narrower price difference, adding 2 new energy drink formulas & 1 functional drink in 4Q to boost sales.

Comment: CBG has taken OSP out back and beaten it with a stick.

EGCO: submitted bidding for 5k mw renewable PPA from Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), aims to secure at least 1k mw, will wrap up 1 M&A before end of year.

KTC: reported 10M22 card spending on hospital +25% yoy, beauty & wellness +75% yoy, expects spending growth from these 2 groups as Covid eased, target >20% spending growth next year.

Comment: Yay, more customers to delay paying = higher interest income!

MTC: 3Q net profit at Bt1.2b flat yoy; missed Bt1.37b consensus.

Comment: Have they been unable to squeeze more out of the existing customer base?

PTT-OR-Bangkok Industrial Gas (BIG) and Toyota (TH) debut hydrogen station in Chonburi, will joint R&D FCEV for passenger & commercial vehicles.

SABUY: 3Q net profit at Bt500m +794% yoy.

Comment: But when I look into the breakdown of the #’s…well then its a tiny profit….what else can they pull out of their hat for next year?

SPALI: 3Q net profit at Bt2.74b +60% yoy, topped Bt2.49b consensus, Bt7.26b out of Bt23b outstanding backlog to realize in 4Q while Bt15.74b to realize till end of FY24, firms on Bt29b FY22 revenue target.

Comment: And how the question on investors minds is 1) Removal of LTV impact?

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