BA: brings back annual unlimited flights campaign, Elite/Elite Plus card, Bt120k pre-paid ticket for FY23, kick-off 11.11 campaign tomorrow to fill cabin.

Comment: If you live in Samui or plan to fly to the maldives often, this seems like a no brainer…presume that this is for them to receive a massive cash infusion.

BBL & TLI are expected to be added into MSCI index on an upcoming reshuffle announcement today, tabloid.

Comment: And then wait to see news about how BBL NVDR is full.

  1. BBL looks fairly valued (subject to fooling around with rewserves). what do you imply re: the foreign stock allocation beinge passed.?? thanks.

    • Every once in a while when passive foreign funds increase allocation to thailand or when a name like BBL gains a higher weighting, you’ll see historically that the NVDR limit is met.

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