CENTEL targets Bt22b revenue this year, on recovering hotel and food business, sets Bt4.4-6.8b capex for 6 new hotels and 120-150 F&B branches.

Comment: And they’re going to gobble it all up

CH launched ready-to-eat TH deserts, mango sticky rice & banana in coconut milk, under Bangkok Tasty brand, to expand Indonesia & UAE to offset European slowdown, in talk listed snacks producer to supply OEM, will conclude deal this year.

Comment: What stupid a$$ brand name is this? It’s a great idea, but c’mon man. S&P was one of the first on this bandwagon but didn’t capture the international market well, and they only focused on the domestic mkt.

ERW is expected to report solid 1Q as ytd OCC (ex-budget) remained strong at 81% vs 82% 4Q22, domestic travel stimulus & higher contribution from Chinese travelers to boost positive momentum in Mar & Apr, Tabloid.

Comment: What will be interesting is the comps in 2Q24, until then every YoY comp will look great.

GPI reported exhibition spaces for BKK Motor Show upcoming Mar 22-Apr 2 fully occupied, target visitor +5-10% yoy >Bt1.5m during a 2-week event.

Comment: It’s always full, no surprise.

HUMAN sets 20% revenue growth target on new products and oversea expansion, mulls lifting payout ratio from 50% to 60-70%.

Comment: It’s going to eventually become a steady dividend payer without growth, the owner doesn’t have much time (he’s old) to drive the business to the next level.

JMART: board approved shares purchase in upcoming human resource & enterprise planning IPO, PRTR Group, from 3 major holders total 90m shares at IPO price (Bt7.2) on the first day of debut (Mar 15) equal to Bt648m, SEC filing.

Comment: And there we go, they’re still going to keep expanding businesses and ipo’ing all of its subs and associated companies.

OSP: Orizon ltd cuts holding by 0.5326% to 8.1584% on Feb 28.

PTG will submit IPO filing of LPG unit, Atlas Energy, in 2Q23, palm complex subsidiary, PPP Green Comples (PPPGC) on track to list on SET this year, mulls spin-off F&B unit, Pan-Thai coffee, on SET by FY25, sets Bt2b capex to expand household LPG shops, expand & revamp fuels retail stations, adds EV charger & Max Camp rest area, target 25% market shares by eo-FY27.

Comment: Finally‚Ķ.it’s been years since they said they’d do this.

THCOM targets to become #3 satellite service provider in the world within 3-years, sets >41% EBITDA margin, and 10% CAGR in FY23-34, big jump in revenue in 2027 on plan to launch 3 new satellites.

Comment: With a new shareholder in GULF, they’re actually doing something. Personally thinking one should wait for the capex drive to be over before strongly looking into this name.

WFX sets 5-10% revenue growth target this year on keeping client bases in Indo, Brazil and Russia and expanding new ones in India and China, mulls more participations in oversea trade fairs, announced Bt0.21 dps, XD Apr 25.

  1. Revenue for WFX is 41%+ down in Q1 and CFO has resigned. Not sure if the resignation is related but I am starting to question if the revenue target is realistic.

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